Additional Information Must Read

We provide top quality and professional services to our clients. 

We are an appointment based spa.

If groupon client misses appointment one time without any notice or cancel appointment the day of we automatically cancel their future sessions.

We provide in-home mobile services at an additional charge to cover gas and expense to travel.

There is a no refund policy, if you are unhappy with the service we are happy to assist in making your experience better and provide discounts.  

There is a charge $50 if client requires shaving.

Please be clean and shaven before attending to your appointments. 

Referral clients are compensated with a  10% discount on their service when they come back.

All payments are accepted prior to service.

At-lease 48-hour notice is required for appointment cancelations.

There is a $25 fee if client cancels in less than 48 hours.

There is a charge $50 on the next appointment if client cancels in less than 24 hours or cancels appointment the day of. 

It is the law to charge taxes on all services and we provide receipts.

We offer consultations, it is a flat rate and non negotiable charge of $25 charge. This is to do all the necessary paper work as well as to answer any questions client may have, we put aside 20 minutes just for every new client to make sure you are comfortable with your technician and your service. This is  a one time fee ONLY, that you pay at the beginning of your appointment!We kindly advise that you read the website requirements before you come in for a consultation or service.

We appreciate your time, do stop by for an appointment, we would love to have you in.

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